At Alpha Music we aim to offer the best repair, upgrade, and maintenance services for electric, acoustic, and bass guitars in the Hampton Roads area. We have been performing instrument repairs for over 30 years, and we continue to strive to make your instrument as enjoyable and playable as possible. We have always felt that a good playing instrument always gets played more, so as long as our doors are open, we offer free Professional Setups on every instrument we sell for as long as you own it. We offer all kinds of repairs ranging from basic setups, to pickup installs, all the way to full re-frets. 

Photo by Courtney Keating/iStock / Getty Images
Let us make sure your guitar is in top playing condition. A setup guitar is easier to play and much more enjoyable!

The pricing listed below are guidelines for repair costs and may vary according to each repair. Pricing does not include parts. 

Professional Setup - $75.00

Professional Setup w/Fret Level - $150.00

Bench Check (Basic Setup) - $45.00              Action, Intonation, & Neck Relief. This can  often be done while you wait.

6 String Guitar Restring - $25.00

12 String Guitar, Locking Trem and Nylon Restring - $35.00

Truss Rod Adjustment - $15.00                    Guitars that require the neck to be      removed are $25.00

Nut or Saddle Installation                               All nut and saddle installation prices are in   addition to setup prices

- Pre-cut Nut or Saddle - $25.00

- Custom Cut Bone Nut - $50.00

- Custom Cut Bone Saddle - $50.00

Strap Button Installation - $10.00

Tuning Key Installation - $30.00

Pickup Installation

- Electric Guitar Single Pickup - $35.00

- Electric Guitar Pair - $45.00

- Acoustic Guitar - $40.00+

Custom Wiring Options starting at $40.00

Complete Refret (no binding) - $300.00

Complete Refret (bound) - $350.00

Partial Refret - $165.00 plus $5.00 per fret

Glue Broken Headstock - $100.00                 No finish or cosmetics included

Re-attach lifted Acoustic Bridge - $125.00

Expedited Rush Fee - $35.00

"While you wait" Clear Bench Fee - $50.00

Due to the high volume of repair work, all repairs, including restrings, must be checked in to the shop and will be completed in the order they are received.