At eighteen, I started building speaker cabinets for Alpha Music in 19XX (sorry, typo there, let me get the Whiteout. Oh damn, that gave away my age…). Let’s just say sometime after the Paleolithic Era, in order to fuel my drum habit, this Norfolk born and raised aspiring drummer’s path collided with Alpha Music. It was the neighborhood music store- where you went to check out the cool gear, meet other musicians, and had a trusted staff guide you as you progressed as a player. I started in shipping and worked part time in college- Alpha supplying gear from my garage band days into turning pro along the way. My paychecks never hit the bank, they were turned into making music!

  It has been a crazy ride but I still love the music and the music community.  In March of 2015, I bought the store and we started a whole new Alpha chapter! From marching with Lake Taylor High’s Titans, to touring the East Coast with a ZZ Top tribute band, to now helping that next generation put down the video games and learn something that they will enjoy for a lifetime, I have stories and tall tales that are endless! Alpha Music has grown into Tidewaters premier, independent, locally owned store from its original tiny footprint, but those same reasons that drew me in originally are still there. I would like to thank all our loyal customers and the many friends I have made over the years for our continuing success. We have done many things right along the way at Alpha Music but we can always get better. Pick up the phone, drop me an email, or stop by and let me know how we can improve. I appreciate your input and your business. Come on down, check out the cool gear, meet other musicians and have the staff of local musicians help you get to that next level.