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Chris Kemp has been teaching music since 1985.  He has been teaching Guitar, Bass, Voice, and Songwriting full time at Alpha Music since 1998.  Chris had a student waiting list for ten years.  Many of his students are now professional musicians, recording artist, music teachers, and working songwriters.  Chris has a guitar instruction book published called  Journey To Planet Guitar which is available in stores like Alpha Music, Barnes & Noble, or from his website.  He also designs and sells music theory reference posters for guitarist.  He was schooled at Tidewater Community College, Berklee College of Music in Boston, and Old Dominion University. He studied at the Darden School of Education.  After 13 years of College, Chris has two degrees. He is a certified Yoga instructor, worked as an audio/visual producer and photographer, and for a few years he was a sculptor.   

Chris Kemp started his professional music career in 1981.  He has played extensively in the Tidewater area, on the streets of Boston, and the train stations from London, England to Rome, Italy.  The music he performs includes over 100 original songs and nearly 200 great cover songs in various styles.  Chris is perpetually looking for new songs which capture him melodically, are emotionally charged, and have engaging lyrics.

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Career highlights:

1983 - Player Magazine captioned Chris Kemp's picture with "Best acoustic music in Virginia Beach"

1989 - Aucoin Management, who managed KISS, Billy Idol, and Billy Squire, set their sites on making Chris Kemp a rock star.  Chris declined to sign the contract.

1999 -  9Volt Magazine honored Chris Kemp's band HERO with "Best Cover Band of the Year" award. 

2002 - Redeye Distribution offered Chris Kemp's band Glue a record contract.  Chris Kemp declined the contract.

2011 - Produced the album, Bones    

2012 - Produced the album, Cherries & Pits      

Student Testimonials:

"I'm not sure how many Wednesdays are left before I leave for college, but it is very few. I will sincerely miss guitar lessons, but I thank you tremendously as you've created a foundation for me to continue to learn and grow on my own...something very valuable in all aspects of life." - Cole 2012

"Thanks so much for the lesson today -- I'm really amazed and inspired and have started your book.  My groping little fingers don't have confidence yet (of course!) though I must say that clamping my hand like you showed me has already helped my whole arm stay relaxed, and I know that will lead to good things!"  - Joy 2012

"I’m the music director for Calvary Baptist church. Learning guitar from Chris Kemp has been great!  I’ve been playing guitar for 14 years but I’ve learned more in the last 4 months than I have from school and at least 6 other teachers. Mr. Kemp has new ideas and new intuitive ways to view the guitar.  It has not only made me a better player, but a better thinker.  I highly recommend Chris!" - Gabe 2014



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