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Scott Griffin purchased his first guitar from Alpha Music at the age of 11 and has never looked back.  A Virginia Beach native, Scott first went on to receive a Mentor’s Honor Scholarship; tutoring  music theory at Tidewater Community College and studying classical theory and harmony with pianist Jeanette Winsor(Virginia Beach Chorale, Hardwick Chamber Ensemble).  Scott also has had the continuing privilege to study with the legendary and 5-time Grammy Award winning Bassist/Musician Victor Wooten.  As an alumni of Victor's Bass/Nature Camp(x2), Music/Nature Camp, Spirit of Music Camp, Theory, Tracking and Jam Weekends, Scott also has been a returning volunteer for their Music/Nature Jr camp.  "Victor has taught me so much not just as a musician but as a person.  He has become a great mentor and friend."  In addition to Victor, Scott has also studied with Steve Bailey(Chair of the Bass Department at Berklee School of Music) as well as world renowned Bassist/Instructor Anthony Wellington of Bassology.  This has provided Scott with a unique and natural way of approaching Music. “Don’t try harder, try easier” and “Fun is Fuel” are just a couple of the many concepts these great musicians have provided Scott with in which he emphasizes in his teachings.

Scott brings a youthful, fun approach to teaching, giving his students the skill set they’ll need to succeed in any style of music. “I provide my students the add, subtract, multiply and divide of guitar, bass and music, establishing a strong foundation for them to build off of all while keeping it fun and enjoyable.  Areas of focus include: Rhythm, Chords & Substitutions, Scales and Modes, Soloing-Improvising, Theory, Composition, Technique, Ear-Training, Reading, Equipment Selection & Pedal Board arranging and Guitar Maintenance and Set-up.

Scott can be seen performing/touring up and down the east coast with the original trio group SICMaN of Virginia. 

Student Testimonials:

"When I was 9, I got an acoustic First Act guitar for Christmas. I was anxious to learn how to play but remember being overwhelmed by how hard it seemed. I got extremely frustrated, but my Dad signed me up for lessons with Scott. Scott was able to see my drive and break it down for me into manageable pieces. He got me going in the right direction. One thing I'm glad he did early on with me was put a strong emphasis on rhythm before soloing. The hardest period of learning a new instrument when you first start off; the instrument feels extremely foreign and things don't come easily. Most people quit here because it's hard and not fun. Scott was patient with me and was able to push me through this period. Once I was through it, and had the basics, I started to have fun with playing guitar. Scott taught me songs that I wanted to learn and found ones that kept pushing my ability. I just spiraled up from there. Five years later, the fretboard is less like a jumble of notes and more like my own home. Scott continues today, expanding my knowledge with theory, improvising, and new ideas that he gets from Victor Wooten's camps. None of it would have been possible without Scott making guitar fun and compelling." - Jack Burns, Age 15