Electronic technician and harmonica expert? Sounds like a strange combination but Tom McCraig still plays gigs, on many instruments, but especially on the bass harmonica. You can catch him with The Virginia Harmonichords- yes, you can even find him on YouTube! If you want to talk electronic service or harmonicas, Tom is your man.

Alpha Music prides itself on being able to repair almost everything we sell. We are factory authorized service for many brands and that reflects the expertise of Tom. Many stores act like a shipping agent when it comes time for service, but not Alpha Music. We trouble shoot to the component level. If you are in a jam and need help where do you go? You head right for the qualified staff at Alpha Music!

We maintain a crazy number of electronic parts just so we can come thru for you when the chips are down. Mixing consoles, power amps, guitar amps (including tubes), speakers (both active and passive), etc., are what we do every day. Tom McCraig is what you get from Alpha Music, your locally owned “brick and mortar” retailer- expert service before and after the sale, right down the street where you need it.