Starting with us in September of 2012, Jacob, is the most tattooed, and the youngest of the Alpha team. Probably the sharpest dressed too. Growing up with a love of loud rock’n’roll that passion is what he tries to bring to our bass department everyday!

Jacob’s strengths in the ‘Bass World’ come from a love of traditional and classic basses: Fender, Rickenbacker, and Upright Bass. If you catch him playing anything in the bass department, you can bet it will be something along those lines. That’s not to say he doesn’t enjoy the and have a good knowledge of the modern and active world of brands like Ibanez, Musicman, and ESP!

Another area that Jacob loves is the world of Gretsch guitars! If you have any questions about the famous hallow bodies he is our go to!

His slick backed hair, and style makes him easy to spot in the store, and it’s nice to have the colorful personality in the store.