After graduating from ODU with her business degree in operations management and finance, Ginny started her career by helping to run a small Virginia Beach professional audio equipment repair company.  Little did she know at that time how that move would affect the rest of her life.  It was at that little repair company where she met a handsome technician, moonlighting fixing pro audio gear, named Eric Burgess.  She became his #1 fan and best drum roadie around. 

Although her musical background is limited (clarinet in elementary school, a short stint in music theory, chorus, Madrigal Singers and un-publishable “Music Camp” stories), when the opportunity to take the reins at Alpha Music came up in early 2015, Ginny’s entrepreneurial instincts kicked in and she “jumped in with both feet”. 

Now Ginny will greet you when you arrive and provides the back-line support for Alpha Music taking care of many of the administrative tasks – human resources, bookkeeping and marketing.